100 word challenge. (again)

In a place called Ravenhood there was a bunny named Bunny Gibson, it was a fluffy soft toy rabbit of Mel Gibson.

On a Sunday night, it was sundae night and Mel went to Ben and Jerry’s and got their ice cream. He decided to take the short cut in a dark ally when someone named “Bandit” chased him into a house.  It was dark in there, someone kicked him in the head and Mel fell to the ground. He woke up in his house but without his bunny.

Now, his thinking to himself and saying: “What the heck just happened?!”.

The week so far…

I can’t believe its already week three! The days have gone past like the cold breezes (heavy rain) on Wednesday, so far maths has been awesome as I just leaned what 2 squares/to the power of two means. Our class has been doing poetry which is very fun, I wonder what other types of poetry our class will learn. (I hope its some thing new to me. Anyway, this week has been really good but maybe I should pay attention more… Oh well its been a good week anyway.

Awesome Poetry!!

At school, the 5/6 were able to the poems for term 4. So far we have done alphabetical order poems, alliteration and finally haiku, where you 5 syllables in the first and last line and the second one is 7 syllables. My favourite is haiku because can just get random words of a song or from a movie and you don’t even have to make it rhyme! So in honour of how awesome haiku poems are, here are some haiku poems:

Rain rain go away,

come again another day,

maybe forever.



Beware of the dog,

he’s feisty and very loud,

so beware postman’s.


Back on track.

This term, our teacher Mrs Smith told us all that this term we are going to work really hard because this is a VERY busy term and trust me, no one can deny that this term is definitely going to be the busies term out of all the other terms this year. The reason why this term is the busies term out of all the other terms is because there will be christmas carol on the grass, projects, St Scholastica’s parish fair and year six graduation, plus, apparently there will be activities for the 5/6 boys and girls near the end of term. So this term is definitely busy, but at the same time exiting.

Another exiting thing about term 4 is that we are learning poetry so I will definitely be looking forward to it, the parish fair is another exiting and awesome thing to look forward to because last last year’s fair was so AMAZING! I can’t wait! Anyway, I am really looking forward to all of the things that our class is going to do.

Our Awesome School Concert.

The school concert was epic except for my pilot speaking part and if you were there at the concert, you’ll know why. 🙁  But besides that, everything was awesome. I think the highlight of the concert was that everyone was like busy bees preparing things and getting things on – it means we were working very hard during the concert.

Trust me, my sister’s makeup looks so funny my mom said she looks like a Chinese opera actor-ish. I think Uptown Funk (3/4 RT) had the best start and New York New York (5/6 S – my class) had the best ending. Though I think we should have fireworks, poppers or criss-cross lights.

Plus Michael lost his stick so he had to go on without a stick, Mr. G found a ‘New York’ sick and threw it to Michael and somehow caught it like a pro.

The concert was so busy that I was sweating almost like a pig in summer but I think I would give the school concert a five out of five because it was so awesome! 😀

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 8.47.29 pm

School concert 2015!!!!

Drum roll people because the St Schols School concert is tomorrow night! No offense but if you haven’t got tickets yet you might missing out on something GREAT.

Our school has been practicing since term 2 and I bet everyone is so exited, trust me, its going to be awesome!!! But I have to admit, I am quite nervous about the talking bits but I it is a prevelege to stand on a stage and talk plus act.

Anyway, I’m really exited for tomorrow. (I might wear my wig to the concert) :b

Into Term 4 we go!!!

I can’t believe tomorrow school is going to start again! :0 Trust me, 2 weeks is definitely not enough for end of Term holidays. The days just zoomed by so quickly that you don’t even noticed it. Oh well, I guess its back to school then.

Hmmm.I wonder what is in store for us, well basically A LOT of work but what is it based on? How are we going to do it? Is there any other extra activities like ‘reading-pages-goals’ or weekly goals from last Term and last last Term? But I suppose all these questions are very (sort of) ‘common’ questions but from last term’s experience, I guess I wasn’t very organised.

Never mind, maybe tomorrow I’ll get some answers. 😀

Natural Disasters!!! :0

This Term, I have chosen natural disasters as a topic. So far I only know that natural disasters are only called natural disaster when it is close to a community or a town and the city too, or else it is called a extreme weather condition.

Natural Disasters are truly amazing that is why I have chosen this topic, I think I might want to search on earthquakes and tsunamis or heat waves. Here’s a video about earthquakes and tsunamis, I hope you like it! 🙂

1800 pages challenge.

In our class, (5/6S) we have set our goal to read 1800 pages by the end of the Term, I know it might sound crazy but I think our class might actually accomplish this goal by the end of the Term!

So far, we have like 4 thousand and something. (I think) But we’ve got a whole Term, what could go wrong. (Unless its already through the middle of the Term) Anyway, I think that this is a really good challenge for the Term, its sort of like the weekly goal that we set for our selves every week in my class (5/6S), but this Term we never actually got to do the weekly goals though. But at least we are doing something reverent to reading 🙂 . Do you like challenges or weekly goals that a teacher or yourself can assign you with?