Sports day

On sports day, the whole school went to Bill Sewart Athletics track for sports day from 4.00-7.00, when I got there it was cold and windy but the sun was still shining and that is what I call a perfect weather. This year we did bean bag racing for sports day but unfortunately, only the preps and 1-2’s were allowed to take part in this event and just to let you know I don’t really know whether the 3-4’s took part though…. Anyway, I had lots of fun participating in sports like 400 m, long jump and hurdles.

I hope that the 5-6’s might get a chance to participate in the bean bag racing next year (if there are bigger bean bags), but I really hope that green team wins next year’s sports day.


About me

Oooooooh! Hi my name is Benedict.

Just to let you know, I’m turning 11. I love to play soccer with friends because I can have fun and like they say, the more the merrier. I train twice a week and we’ll soon be playing matches which I’m looking forward to. I also love to watch Regular Show and trust me it is AMAZING, the fact that it’s so good-I’m going to give you this Regular Show video. 😀