Regular Show episodes! :D

It’s Sunday!!! And like I wrote (or typed),I will give you another Regular Show video and again there is a repeat at the end of the episode (I’m really sorry). Next week, I will be posting Adventure Time videos 🙂 and comment if you have any other cartoons episodes or videos you want me to post. I hope you enjoy! 😀

Anzac day.

On Tuesday, our teacher Mrs Smith told us to pick a book about Anzac day. The first book I picked up was some sort of comic and that didn’t tell me much but when I read my second book, it answered pretty much all my questions about the Gallipoli war, Simpson and his donkey and everything else I didn’t really know but that was in the past, now I know a lot about Word War One but I’m still learning.

The books that I read were mostly stories about Simpson and his donkey, although us students know the story well, I learnt that Simpson didn’t bring his donkey over from Australia, in fact, he found his donkey in a bush after responding to a cry from the donkey and just to let you know: the Indian soldiers also came to help the Australian soldiers in war.

I know that it was a very tragic war and trust me, I don’t think that anyone would wanted to celebrate Anzac day but we still celebrate it for the bravery of the soldiers, nurses, captains, people like Simpson and his donkey and other members of war in Gallipoli.

On Friday (24th of April) our school (St Scholastica’s primary school) went two church to celebrate Anzac day although it was not on 25th of April (the real Anzac day) we were respectful and quiet during the 1 minute and I’m pretty sure that the federal MP (member of parliament) was impressed with our behavior. When I stood up during the 1 minute silence, I felt so proud of the soldiers who fought for Australia although I do not have any great grandparents who fought in Gallipoli but I still feel very happy to be apart of this celebration and if there’s anything that I have learnt from it, it’s this:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.01.45 pm

Lest we forget.

Cross country training.

I’m puffed out from cross country training and its already been two weeks since we’ve started this suicide activity (no offence) and I seriously hoping that I do good in this, although, cross country really helps you to be fit and healthy and like they say ‘if you can feel the pain in you, push harder and get past the pain’. Anyway, I think the reason why teachers call it cross country ‘training’ is because we are training for something later on in the year… Well I think that I’m doing a little bit good this year than last year but so far I have done 5-6 laps in twenty minutes so I guess that good, but I still can’t believe that teachers are making students year 3-6 go through this and I think that cross country training should be optional. Do you think that cross country should be optional? Comment if you think so or do not think so.

Term 1 holidays.

During the holidays, I didn’t do much except welcoming my grandparents who came from Malaysia (we still have a lot of catching up to do), obviously reading some GREAT books, relaxing at home playing on my Xbox,  having some seriously awesome dinners, going to the Yarra Valley CHOCOLATE Factory, having an easter egg hunt, having a Day trip going to QueensCliff for a few hours and had the BEST shepherds pie I have ever eaten than finally taking a massive ship that carries cars to Sorrento and on the last day of my holiday, I went to someplace called ‘farmers market’ in the morning, I played in my first soccer match(we won 4-0 by the way) and lastly we had a BBQ around 6.00-8.00.

Okay, maybe I have been doing some amazing stuff over the holidays and I have to admit the stuff I did was pretty cool but for some reason, I feel like I just want to go back to school to have fun and at the same time learning new things. But here I am, already starting school but trust me I can never be happier than this. Although, I’ve just wondered-have you ever had the feeling that there were no other place like home anywhere else at a certain place?