Winter interschool sports.

This Friday (22th of May), we students are going to have (winter) interschool sports, so obviously we will be having new sports. This term sports are: Soccer, T-ball, football and netball. We are very exited to have interschool sports and so am I but some of my friends don’t really like the teams that they are in, for example Joseph (a friend of mine) is in football when he is better at soccer. I simply do not agree with this as the year sixes have already been in a certain team from last year as well, us year fives should at least be able to play the game that they want and send the year sixes to their second choice although I am happy with the sport that I am in, I want the thing where ‘year sixes get first pick’ to be gone (no offence though). Anyway, what do you guys think?

Interschool sports is a very fun program but there is something that we need to improve in and that is allowing year fives to be placed in sport that they at least like so which side of the fence are you on?

Comment if you think we should or should not allow the year sixes to have first pick in interschool sports (no offence year sixes, just telling you how I feel about this).

Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton.

On Wednesday 13th of May, our teacher told us about a great man who manage to survive the challenges ahead of him and kept his crew safe through-out the journey but the most amazing thing about him and his crew is that none of his crew had perished! Its amazing how Shackleton manage to keep the crew safe and I think this is how he did it: he chose people who could tell jokes or play instruments to be on his crew, his goal was to sail to the antarctic but his ship was stuck in ice for ten months and still none of their crew members had perished but soon their ship was crushed by ice so they had to move out. Shackleton and his crew lived on the icy floor of the antarctic until it disintegrated so they used their spare life boats to sail to Elephant island and they sailed to the inhabited island of South Georgia so they had to journey to the other side of the island.

Fortunately, he manage to survive the obstacles ahead of him and led his crew two safety but unfortunately when he set out for his second voyage he died out of heart-attack. But his story was told and never forgotten until this day.

Have you ever had or known any brave men or women who had risked their lives to save anyone?

My trip to Springvale.

On the week-end, me and my family went to this place named Springvale. It was a 20 minute drive to Springvale but it felt like it only took 5 minutes but the day I thought that Springvale was going to be ‘fun’ was the day I regretted it, that place was way over crowded and there were heaps of cars in that little town which is amazing as Springvale is sort of a small place yet so many cars.

We first ate at this restaurant that specialises in noodle soup and I think that it was the best noodle soup that I ever eaten (apart from my grandmother’s food, she makes the most delicious dishes in the world). Next, we went to this massive shopping centre to get some cooking ingredients and while we were looking for stuff, I met Joseph’s brother: Joshua. But unfortunately Joseph wasn’t there, fortunately I got to touch and see some lobsters, crabs and sea snails (I didn’t really touch the sea snails though).

I think that my trip to Springvale was one heck of a trip although it was way overcrowded but I’ll never forget it, have you ever felt like you’ll never forget something although you don’t really like it?


The voice box.

On Monday 11 May, our teacher Mrs. Smith introduced to us something called The ‘voice box’, at first I thought that the voice box is something that is in your throat and it is! But its down below where the collar bone is and its not the thing in the middle of the throat where the big thing is, but enough about the voice box in your throat, lets talk (or read) about the voice box thats going to be in our classroom.

The voice box thats going to be a box that allow students to put comments, things we need to be working, on, things the teacher could do to help us students or things we need to focus on in a small sheet of paper to put inside the box. I am really excited to have this voice box in our classroom as I’m sure it would help us A LOT. 

Its a really good idea and I think that it will really help us students and teachers to improve the classroom, and like I said before: “I’m really exited to have this voice box as I’m sure it would help us A LOT.

100 Word challenge: Revenge of the baby ducks.

Last week on Friday (8th of May), our teacher (Mrs. Smith) got us students to write about something happening ‘as they turned the corner’, anyway, me and my friend Joseph hope you like our story.

It was a hot day, no one wanted to go out, but only two boys dared to go outside and have ‘fun’. Luckily, they came across a restaurant named ‘Roast Duck Inn’. Their stomachs were growling so they decided to eat. As they entered, they only saw one customer who was a businessman. After they had finished, they got out of the restaurant but as they turned the corner there were a bunch of baby ducks. They thought they were cute so they brought them back home. They decided to feed them but the baby ducks ate the boys instead.

Please comment about our story and any other mistakes or things that we should do. Here is my partner’s blog so comment on his blog too. Here’s the hyperlink:


The BIG debate.

Let the debate begin! Our principle (Mr. G), decided it was time to decide whether he should or should not keep free Friday (free Friday is when there will be no soccer balls or footballs on the grass area) and he decided that students should have a say in this debate for the glory (not much) for NO FREE FRIDAY.

As you can see, I support those who want free Friday to be gone and trust me, free Friday is just another annoying thing that tries to take away your freedom to choose what you want but the worst thing that can happen is that other students are allowed on the grass so preps might get hit by the girls who do cartwheels (no offence). But than again, do you want to see innocent children to get hurt?

Now I hope that you guys know which side you should be on and again: do want to see innocent children get hurt? Think of it as a chance to change something important to someones life because you may never know if someone you know got hit by a someone doing cartwheels so comment if you think Mr. G should continue to keep free Friday or should not keep free Friday and make a change.

My learning goals.

This week, our teacher (Mrs. Smith) gathered us students to sit in a circle to ‘make’ everyone tell what our goals for the week were. At first I thought that why are we even doing this, but after last week finished and we told how we went, I felt like I did sort of a good job and I felt good to (sort of) archive something that I have been struggling with. Have you ever felt good, happy or maybe even satisfied of something that you have done well and for all those wonderers who want to know what task I chose that I am going to finish all my homework within the fortnights.

This week I decided that me getting my mum or dad to sign my dairy every day as I do not always get my sign casually. I highly recommend that you start setting your goals for the week and trust me its a great idea to start your goals.