100 word challenge: Tornado of doom.

Once again, me and my friend Joseph made a 100 word story which has to have the word “but the ferocious wind” in the story.

The wind was howling and the earth was shivering, the animals knew that a storm was coming. The farmer was starring up into the sky and saw the wind was twisting into a tornado a tornado the farmer knew what he had to do: warn the townspeople of the incoming tornado. He got into his car and drove off while the tornado swallowed his farm, he hit the gas pedal with all his might but the ferocious wind would not let go of his car and it swallowed the car whole and destroying the town and leaving it in ruins.

The long weekend.

Have you ever wanted to just tell someone about your day? I have, but this time I’ll be talking (or typing) about¬†the long weekend.¬†It’s not like no one has ever talked (or type) about their weekend, its just that I think I’ve done some really¬†cool stuff¬†on the long weekend.

The first thing that I did on Saturday in the¬†morning was sleep all the way until¬†9 o’clock¬†(the reason why I woke up is because my mouth was getting really dry and I just had to get a drink), after I woke up, my mum made¬†me come to¬†a market and shop with her. After all that shopping around in the marketplace I just couldn’t take it any more, I needed to rest, so when I got home I¬†simply just¬†plop myself down onto¬†my beanie bag and¬†watched T.V. but [sigh], just when I touched the T.V. remote my mum said it was time for lunch. Fortunately, what¬†me and my family ate was like¬†a¬†four course meal (did I mention that my mum side of family are excellent cookers), more fortunately, I had to go to Jorell’s house at 1 o’clock and it was already 1.11 (being late is sort of unfortunately but it was fortunate that I got to go to Jorell’s¬†house)¬†so like any other person would do when their late for something:¬†they would rush it. I reached Jorell’s house at 1.28 and so he invited me into his backward to play soccer, later we went inside his house to play some video games and trust me, I had a lot of fun. Have you ever felt like you¬†had an epic time in somebody else’s house?

Another 100 word challenge: Awakening the sleeping giant.

For homework, I have been doing the 100 word challenge. As you all know (or maybe know), my class (5/6S) have been writing 100 word challenge but unfortunately I’ve been so “distracted” that I can not post some of my 100 word challenge pieces. Anyway I hope you enjoy my story. This time, instead of “as they turned the corner” sentence, I am going to be doing “all at once they fell over” sentence.

The wind was grazing against three boys determined faces on a cold winters night in Japan where the Legendary Mt. Fuji sleeps among the citizens of Tokyo. The three boys somehow got a hold of some firecrackers, they ran up precariously until they reached the peak of the mountain. Acting like vandals, they lit up the firecrackers and threw them into the volcano, not knowing what they had done, the sleeping giant was awoken. Suddenly, a gush of wind pressed against their backs and all at once they fell over into the lava screaming for help before their bodies melted.

I hoped you liked my story, comment if you think (or know) there is a mistake.