Another 100 word challenge: Awakening the sleeping giant.

For homework, I have been doing the 100 word challenge. As you all know (or maybe know), my class (5/6S) have been writing 100 word challenge but unfortunately I’ve been so “distracted” that I can not post some of my 100 word challenge pieces. Anyway I hope you enjoy my story. This time, instead of “as they turned the corner” sentence, I am going to be doing “all at once they fell over” sentence.

The wind was grazing against three boys determined faces on a cold winters night in Japan where the Legendary Mt. Fuji sleeps among the citizens of Tokyo. The three boys somehow got a hold of some firecrackers, they ran up precariously until they reached the peak of the mountain. Acting like vandals, they lit up the firecrackers and threw them into the volcano, not knowing what they had done, the sleeping giant was awoken. Suddenly, a gush of wind pressed against their backs and all at once they fell over into the lava screaming for help before their bodies melted.

I hoped you liked my story, comment if you think (or know) there is a mistake.

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