The long weekend.

Have you ever wanted to just tell someone about your day? I have, but this time I’ll be talking (or typing) about the long weekend. It’s not like no one has ever talked (or type) about their weekend, its just that I think I’ve done some really cool stuff on the long weekend.

The first thing that I did on Saturday in the morning was sleep all the way until 9 o’clock (the reason why I woke up is because my mouth was getting really dry and I just had to get a drink), after I woke up, my mum made me come to a market and shop with her. After all that shopping around in the marketplace I just couldn’t take it any more, I needed to rest, so when I got home I simply just plop myself down onto my beanie bag and watched T.V. but [sigh], just when I touched the T.V. remote my mum said it was time for lunch. Fortunately, what me and my family ate was like a four course meal (did I mention that my mum side of family are excellent cookers), more fortunately, I had to go to Jorell’s house at 1 o’clock and it was already 1.11 (being late is sort of unfortunately but it was fortunate that I got to go to Jorell’s house) so like any other person would do when their late for something: they would rush it. I reached Jorell’s house at 1.28 and so he invited me into his backward to play soccer, later we went inside his house to play some video games and trust me, I had a lot of fun. Have you ever felt like you had an epic time in somebody else’s house?

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