Camp at Mount Evelyn! :D

I just can’t wait to go to camp! I’m really exited about doing the ‘leap of faith’ activity and same goes for the other activities that us year fives and year sixes are about to do, just to let you know, the other activities that we are soon going to do are: Giant swing, Hut building, Archery, High ropes and Flying fox. I’m pretty sure that we are going to go on a night walk during one of the nights at the camp.

Ok, enough about the stuff that we’re going to do, instead, I’ll talk (or type) about how we’re gonna get there or something like that. Anyway, we are supposed to be at school by 8.30 latest 8.45 and if you miss the bus you have to go there by your parent’s car (I think). Well, I guess we all know that – but really, I still am feeling very exited since theres only a couple more days left until we go to camp. Have you ever felt exited for something that you’ve been waiting for a long time?



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