Entering: Term 3!

So all I have to say is this: we have entered Term 3! I can’t wait until we start Inquiry projects because we are picking the topics from other classes including the 3/4’s classes, I wonder if we’re going to work in a group again like last term.

Ever since we came back from camp our class have been working hard on our concert and when I say hard I mean HARD! So far its has been really hard with the dancing and all but with the help of Mrs. Teoh and Mrs. Smith. We also had the students from Emmaus college who offered us free tickets to their concert ‘Beauty and the beast’, they even paid the bus company so we could get on the bus and see their concert.

On Monday the students from Deakin University come to our class and we split into groups, the people in my group was Jorell, Kinulie, Mia and Katrina. We were with the Deakin students named Mr. Sires and Mr. Davies, they were really interesting they thought us about the solar system. It was really cool.

My goals this Term was to be good at listening to the teacher. What are you looking forward to this term?