Natural Disasters!!! :0

This Term, I have chosen natural disasters as a topic. So far I only know that natural disasters are only called natural disaster when it is close to a community or a town and the city too, or else it is called a extreme weather condition.

Natural Disasters are truly amazing that is why I have chosen this topic, I think I might want to search on earthquakes and tsunamis or heat waves. Here’s a video about earthquakes and tsunamis, I hope you like it! ūüôā

1800 pages challenge.

In our class, (5/6S) we have set our goal to read 1800 pages by the end of the Term, I know it might sound crazy but I think our class might actually accomplish this goal by the end of the Term!

So far, we have like 4 thousand and something. (I think) But we’ve got a whole Term, what could go wrong. (Unless its already through the middle of the Term) Anyway, I think that this is a really good challenge for the Term, its sort of like the weekly goal that we set for our selves every week in my class (5/6S), but this Term we never actually got to do¬†the weekly goals though. But at least we are doing something reverent to reading ūüôā . Do you like challenges or weekly goals that a teacher or yourself can assign you with?

RAKs. (Random Act of Kindness.)

This week, our class (5/6S) has been studying the Random Act of Kindness (RAK). So far all I know is that RAKs = happiness and you’ll feel really good after you’ve done something nice to someone else but that someone who you made happy doesn’t really have to know you – either way, RAKs are a good thing to do.

Once, my family received a Random Act of Kindness. Me, Therese (my sister) and my mum just got home from school and found that one of our¬†big bins was pushed near the garage and the other one wasn’t. My mum got really paranoid that someone might be spying on our house but I just told my mum that one of our neighbors must have pushed it in for us. But she just said: “I¬†why would they only push one¬†in then?”.¬†So my sister said¬†that maybe¬†a person who just so happens to past by our house¬†pushed it in because it felt like a good thing to do, my sister also¬†said that¬†my mum should be grateful anyways. My sister really likes to talk a lot but sometimes she actually make sense¬†in¬†certain subjects like that one that I just¬†talked¬†(or typed) about. Anyway, that’s how my family received a RAK.

Well, I¬†think that RAKs are amazing and I am proud of anyone who have done a Random Act of Kindness to someone else. O.K. Since I’ve talked (or typed) about RAKs a lot I ‘m going to¬†also post videos on RAKs.