Back on track.

This term, our teacher Mrs Smith told us all that this term we are going to work really hard because this is a VERY busy term and trust me, no one can deny that this term is definitely going to be the busies term out of all the other terms this year. The reason why this term is the busies term out of all the other terms is because there will be christmas carol on the grass, projects, St Scholastica’s parish fair and year six graduation, plus, apparently there will be activities for the 5/6 boys and girls near the end of term. So this term is definitely busy, but at the same time exiting.

Another exiting thing about term 4 is that we are learning poetry so I will definitely be looking forward to it, the parish fair is another exiting and awesome thing to look forward to because last last year’s fair was so AMAZING! I can’t wait! Anyway, I am really looking forward to all of the things that our class is going to do.

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