RAKs. (Random Act of Kindness.)

This week, our class (5/6S) has been studying the Random Act of Kindness (RAK). So far all I know is that RAKs = happiness and you’ll feel really good after you’ve done something nice to someone else but that someone who you made happy doesn’t really have to know you – either way, RAKs are a good thing to do.

Once, my family received a Random Act of Kindness. Me, Therese (my sister) and my mum just got home from school and found that one of our big bins was pushed near the garage and the other one wasn’t. My mum got really paranoid that someone might be spying on our house but I just told my mum that one of our neighbors must have pushed it in for us. But she just said: “I why would they only push one in then?”. So my sister said that maybe a person who just so happens to past by our house pushed it in because it felt like a good thing to do, my sister also said that my mum should be grateful anyways. My sister really likes to talk a lot but sometimes she actually make sense in certain subjects like that one that I just talked (or typed) about. Anyway, that’s how my family received a RAK.

Well, I think that RAKs are amazing and I am proud of anyone who have done a Random Act of Kindness to someone else. O.K. Since I’ve talked (or typed) about RAKs a lot I ‘m going to also post videos on RAKs.

Entering: Term 3!

So all I have to say is this: we have entered Term 3! I can’t wait until we start Inquiry projects because we are picking the topics from other classes including the 3/4’s classes, I wonder if we’re going to work in a group again like last term.

Ever since we came back from camp our class have been working hard on our concert and when I say hard I mean HARD! So far its has been really hard with the dancing and all but with the help of Mrs. Teoh and Mrs. Smith. We also had the students from Emmaus college who offered us free tickets to their concert ‘Beauty and the beast’, they even paid the bus company so we could get on the bus and see their concert.

On Monday the students from Deakin University come to our class and we split into groups, the people in my group was Jorell, Kinulie, Mia and Katrina. We were with the Deakin students named Mr. Sires and Mr. Davies, they were really interesting they thought us about the solar system. It was really cool.

My goals this Term was to be good at listening to the teacher. What are you looking forward to this term?

Camp at Mt. Evelyn 2015!

On the first day of Term 3, almost all of the Seniors (including yours truly) got to school around 8.15. Unfortunately some students weren’t there in the library.

Anyway, it was about a 45 minute drive on the bus to Mt. Evelyn and we were greeted by one of the camp staff named Lauren. It was drizzling when we got there so after we got of the bus, we took our bags out of the boot of the bus and place them under the shelter. After we were done placing all our bags under the shelter we got our lunch and sat around the fire place but unfortunately it was not on fire but eventually one of the camp staff set it on fire and the amazing thing is that the fire lasted all the way until night after the fantastic dinner on the first day.

On the second day we did a lot of activities but one of them was canceled and that was the high ropes, fortunately, the group that I was in (Cockatoos) manage to do it first before the sky started to rain again. Although I did lots of fun and exiting activities I’ll just talk (or type) about my favourite activity. Sorry. 🙁

My favourite activity was the Giant Swing because you don’t have to do anything – the people in your group will pull you up the swing, all you have to do is say stop when you are high enough and pull the trigger. Anyway I absolutely love camp and I would like to go there again. 😀

Camp at Mount Evelyn! :D

I just can’t wait to go to camp! I’m really exited about doing the ‘leap of faith’ activity and same goes for the other activities that us year fives and year sixes are about to do, just to let you know, the other activities that we are soon going to do are: Giant swing, Hut building, Archery, High ropes and Flying fox. I’m pretty sure that we are going to go on a night walk during one of the nights at the camp.

Ok, enough about the stuff that we’re going to do, instead, I’ll talk (or type) about how we’re gonna get there or something like that. Anyway, we are supposed to be at school by 8.30 latest 8.45 and if you miss the bus you have to go there by your parent’s car (I think). Well, I guess we all know that – but really, I still am feeling very exited since theres only a couple more days left until we go to camp. Have you ever felt exited for something that you’ve been waiting for a long time?



100 word challenge: Tornado of doom.

Once again, me and my friend Joseph made a 100 word story which has to have the word “but the ferocious wind” in the story.

The wind was howling and the earth was shivering, the animals knew that a storm was coming. The farmer was starring up into the sky and saw the wind was twisting into a tornado a tornado the farmer knew what he had to do: warn the townspeople of the incoming tornado. He got into his car and drove off while the tornado swallowed his farm, he hit the gas pedal with all his might but the ferocious wind would not let go of his car and it swallowed the car whole and destroying the town and leaving it in ruins.

The long weekend.

Have you ever wanted to just tell someone about your day? I have, but this time I’ll be talking (or typing) about the long weekend. It’s not like no one has ever talked (or type) about their weekend, its just that I think I’ve done some really cool stuff on the long weekend.

The first thing that I did on Saturday in the morning was sleep all the way until 9 o’clock (the reason why I woke up is because my mouth was getting really dry and I just had to get a drink), after I woke up, my mum made me come to a market and shop with her. After all that shopping around in the marketplace I just couldn’t take it any more, I needed to rest, so when I got home I simply just plop myself down onto my beanie bag and watched T.V. but [sigh], just when I touched the T.V. remote my mum said it was time for lunch. Fortunately, what me and my family ate was like a four course meal (did I mention that my mum side of family are excellent cookers), more fortunately, I had to go to Jorell’s house at 1 o’clock and it was already 1.11 (being late is sort of unfortunately but it was fortunate that I got to go to Jorell’s house) so like any other person would do when their late for something: they would rush it. I reached Jorell’s house at 1.28 and so he invited me into his backward to play soccer, later we went inside his house to play some video games and trust me, I had a lot of fun. Have you ever felt like you had an epic time in somebody else’s house?

Another 100 word challenge: Awakening the sleeping giant.

For homework, I have been doing the 100 word challenge. As you all know (or maybe know), my class (5/6S) have been writing 100 word challenge but unfortunately I’ve been so “distracted” that I can not post some of my 100 word challenge pieces. Anyway I hope you enjoy my story. This time, instead of “as they turned the corner” sentence, I am going to be doing “all at once they fell over” sentence.

The wind was grazing against three boys determined faces on a cold winters night in Japan where the Legendary Mt. Fuji sleeps among the citizens of Tokyo. The three boys somehow got a hold of some firecrackers, they ran up precariously until they reached the peak of the mountain. Acting like vandals, they lit up the firecrackers and threw them into the volcano, not knowing what they had done, the sleeping giant was awoken. Suddenly, a gush of wind pressed against their backs and all at once they fell over into the lava screaming for help before their bodies melted.

I hoped you liked my story, comment if you think (or know) there is a mistake.